Thursday, March 5, 2009

UDP Victorious in the Polls

Mayor Elsa Paz and her six Councilors retain seats in the San Pedro Town Council for the next three years in what the public is calling a landslide elections.

Official Results

United Democratic Party

Elsa Paz: 1921

Juan Alamilla – 1861
Joe Elijio – 1930
Nesto Gomez – 1841
Nano Guerrero– 1867
Severo Guerrero– 1910
Pablo Ico– 1877

People's United Party
Baldemar Graniel – 957
Ana Najarro Cal – 939
Marina Kay – 1084
Andre Perez – 1061
Viana Perez – 1021
Ian Pou – 978
Debbie Spain – 961
Total Number of votes cast: 3,059

Ballots Used - 3073

Ballots Cast - 3059

Spoilt - 14


~K said...

Great job Dorian, early this morning i couldn't find the numbers anywhere else. You've surpassed even the big media houses in the city!
Now lets get to working together as a community, just like your dad said!

Anonymous said...

The people have spoken clearly AGAIN!
no question about it.
Ofcourse the PUP will try to downgrade that fact with excuses - but we all know better!
UDP aaaaaalllllllll the way!