Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach Access Blocked to Heavy Traffic

Due to the constant work that the water company is conducting at the Boca del Rio area, too much traffic has been directed to the beach. With concerns that too much traffic will degrade the condition of the beach area just north of town, the Town Council has closed down some streets and blocking access to heave vehicles. Only golf carts are allowed in most areas of the beach.

Disaster Preparedness Session

The Ministry of Education in conjunction with UNICEF held a three-day disaster preparedness session for students of the island of San Pedro and Caye Caulker. During the session, students were taught about what disasters are, ways to prevent disasters and how to help after a disaster. Representatives from the Fire Station, Police and the Belize Electricity Board were also present to talk to the students on what their role is and what they should do to help out in a disaster.

The main goal for the session was for students to develop peer session so as to help their friends and classmates in understanding what to do when disaster strikes as well as working along with their school and family to create a disaster plan.

The sessions took place at the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium from Monday, July 28 to Wednesday, July 30. Mrs. Yvonne Codd of the Ministry of Education spearheaded the session where students from four different schools, Holy Cross Anglican School, New Horizons Seventh Day Adventist School, San Pedro Roman Catholic School and Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School partook in the activity.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Costa Maya Festival Tickets on Sale NOW!

Distribution locations for Ticket Sales 2008

Island Magic, Ilna Nunez 602-2308

Milo’s Center 226-2196

Milo’s Ice 226-2196

Wally’s Electric, Leni Nunez 226-2408

Post Office, Angel 226-2250

Fantasy Gardens

Emerita Munoz 226-2085

Danny Boy Tours (Danny, Efrain) 226-2180

Footprints 226-2689

La Divina Providencia, Suzanne 226-4205

Caye Supplies 226-4660

*La Reina De La Costa Maya (Thursday)

Adults: $25.00BZD Children: $15.00BZD

*Opening Gala / Mega Concert (Friday)

Adults: $25.00BZD Children: $15.00BZD

*Noche Internacional (Saturday)

Adults: $75.00BZD Children: $25.00BZD

*A Night for the Family (Sunday)

Adults: $25.00BZD Children: $15.00BZD

*Season Pass (Valid for all four nights)

Adults: $100.00BZDChildren: $45.00BZD

Missing Person in Belize

His name is Armick Escobar and he is only 22 years old.
He has been missing since Tuesday a couple weeks ago and his family is worrying a lot about him. If anybody has seen Armick or has any information of his whereabouts, please Call 601-1715 or 620-4289. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Renovations to R.C. Church

Passing by on Barrier Reef Drive, we could notice that renovations are taking place at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. Windows are being repaired and more glass block are being added to let more natural light into the church.

Monday, July 28, 2008

San Pedro Dolphins Win First Match of Season

Gaby Hicks scores the winning goal

The San Pedro Dolphins football team started the new semi-pro season on the right track as they won their first match against Benque United, yesterday Sunday, July 27. Paraguayan Gaby Hicks scored the winning goal that led the team to victory with a 1-nil final score. Actually, Gaby was able to get in two goals but the first one was dismissed due to a handball.

Lions Den Gets Facelift

New Lion President Eiden Salazar led a work-a-thon to beautify the Lions Den on Sunday, July 27. Lion members and volunteers embarked in a fund raising drive to raise funds to start this project. The Belize Bank pledged is support, while it was asked of the business community to contribute to the good cause. Repairs are being done to the bar, bathroom and office, while the entire facility is getting a paint job.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Melonie Gillett to Perform at Costa Maya Pageant

Just confirmed to perform at the La Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional Pageant 2008 is Melonie Gillett of Burrell Boom, Belize. She willperform her new release "Rush".

From a baby screaming the second she came out her mother’s womb, to a woman finally achieving her dream of inspiring, captivating and charming the hearts of people all over the world through music, Melonie Gillett, born August 23, 1984, has risen from the beautiful country of Belize. She has taken her diverse heritage and compiled it with modern day R&B, Reggae, Dancehall and Alternative music to create her album entitled Melonie Gillett “Finding me”.

“I remember in school, only my family and really close friends knew that I could sing, I was always shy about it," said Melonie. "I didn’t really come out as singer until my early teens when I realized that if I wanted to be a singer, people had to hear me sing. It was then, with all the positive reactions, I knew I had to do something with my voice. I knew I had to sing!”

Though new to the ‘Ins and Outs’ of recording an album, Melonie held nothing back. In her song “Can't resist me”, she had no qualms about trying something new, when she combined R&B with a Punta insert and made it a club banger with a new and exciting twist!

Melonie has tried to stay true to herself, and true to her music by facing issues real to not only her, but to people all over the world. It might only be a first step, but getting through this first step has been years of dedication and perseverance. “It took me a while to get where I am now, but this is where I have always wanted to be. The possibilities are endless! I hope that I can bring energy, soul and passion to music and in so doing, bring energy, soul and passion to you!” Melonie Gillett “Finding me” captures it all.

La Reina Fido's Bikini 2008

La Reina Fido's Bikini 2008 is a new addition to the events lineup for the Costa Maya Festivals. This will take place at Fido's Courtyard on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 9:00p.m.

This runway competition will have no effect on the results of the La Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional pageant. Click on poster for more details.

Restaurant Review at Rico's Bar and Grill

Rico’s Bar & Grill has most recently garnered much attention both locally and abroad after placing second place in the Taste of Belize culinary competition and winning Best Lobster Dish at the San Pedro Lobster Festival, both held last month. Having done a restaurant review for over three years now, Ambergris Today decided to revisit Rico’s to experience Chef Luis Cauich’s updated menu that has him winning all these awards. Read the entire review here:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saga Fundraiser Flea Market

San Pedro’s biggest flea market ever to raise money for saga! Sunday, July 27 9a.m. to 2p.m. at Central Park. $25Bze to have a table and a free raffle ticket upon entry. Lots of great prizes and many stalls, some with brand new clothes. Bacon butties in the morning! To get a table please contact Sharon 602-9599

Fundraiser for Peter

Click to enlarge

Street Improvements & Cemeterry Committee

Back Street improvements

Due to the heavy traffic that the island now faces, the San Pedro Town Council has decided to upgrade Nurse Street (lagoon-side street) to allow vehicular traffic access to this street. The exact location is the street at the back of Mr. Miguel Alamilla’s Boatyard going north to the junction of Caribeña Street. Through this medium, the Council is requesting the residents of this vicinity to alleviate this area from any obstacle (approximately 20’ clearance) so as to allow for the steady flow of traffic. The Council appreciates everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

Cemetery Committee to be formed

Mayor Elsa Paz and the San Pedro Town Council will soon embark in the beautification of the San Pedro Cemetery. The Council welcomes the suggestions and ideas of the general public and as such is inviting interested parties to form part of the San Pedro Cemetery Committee. Once a group of persons sign in, a committee will be formed and the process will begin. Interested persons please call Mr. Felix Ayuso at telephone 226-2198/2788/2936 or 624-9379.

San Pedro Lions Club Hosts BCVI

On Sunday, July 20, the San Pedro Lions Club hosted a group of young boys and girls along with their parents and guardians of the Belize Council for the Visual Impaired. They were treated to a day of fun at The Boca Del Rio Park.

The young enjoyed the beautiful day despite the threat of Tropical Storm Dolly. Some were even given a tour of La Isla Bonita on golf cart, while others opted to take a swim. The party of about 50 arrived in San Pedro around 10:30 a.m. and left at about 2:30p.m. The San Pedro Lions Club would like to thank all those who contributed food and snacks for this event.

The San Pedro Lions Den To Undergo A Much Needed Facelift
The first general meeting of newly installed Lion President Eiden Salazar and his new board members of the San Pedro Lions Club took place on Friday, July 18, 2008. On the agenda was the election of members to the different sub-committees of the Lions Club.

One such sub-committee that was elected was the Lions Den Committee which will be headed by Lion Roberto Canul. It was agreed that the Lions Den deserves a much needed facelift. Committee Chairman Canul has embarked in a fundraising drive to raise the funds to start this project. The Belize Bank has pledged its support and the San Pedro Lions Club is happy for their generous contribution.

Any business entity that would like to contribute to this project can contact the Lions Den Committee Chairman Roberto Canul or Lion President Eiden Salazar. The club for its part is inviting all members and friends to a work-a-ton on Sunday, July 27, commencing at 8:00 a.m. at the Lions Den. Repairs will be done to the bar, bathroom and office.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NEMO San Pedro/Caye Caulker Steps Up Hurricane Preparedness Info

The San Pedro Emergency Committee, in conjunction with NEMO San Pedro and Caye Caulker has launched a series of public information measures to better inform the public of hurricane preparedness. This week the district coordinator, along with volunteers posted a series of large hurricane preparedness posters at the San Pedro Town Council bulletin board and in government offices such as Belize Post Office, Immigration, Customs, Labor and Election and Boundaries to name a few.

In addition, a set of new hurricane signal flags will be delivered to the San Pedro Police Station and it is planned to deliver over 2,500 hurricane preparedness bulletins to businesses and households. Already, the NEMO San Pedro has secured a 10% discount from local business Castillo Hardware for emergency items such as flashlights, tarpaulins, plywood and other such related items.

NEMO San Pedro and the San Pedro Emergency Committee take this opportunity to remind the public to insure that they continue to monitor weather activities on a daily basis and to be prepared with their family plans. For further hurricane preparedness information visit the NEMO website at or contact the district coordinator Mr. Kevin Gonzalez at 610-4266.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Travel Advisory for Belize

Reports coming from Channel 5 Newscast in Belize City is that the U.S. Embassy in Belize has issued a travel advisory to its citizens cautioning travel to Belize and encouraging them to register at the nearest diplomatic mission and to be vigilant to ensure their personal safety.

But contrary to this report, Hon. Manuel Heredia Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, called in the Good Morning San Pedro talk show this morning to clarify the matter. He stated that the release was intended as an internal release for its wardens and members to warn them of the increased crime rate in the country and not intended as a public travel advisory.

This mistake could have adverse affects on tourism arrivals as there should have been no release of a travel advisory. Hon. Heredia commented that he will work on retracting that advisory that leaked to the public and has made its way to US media.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ritchie Woods Passes Away

It is with deep regret and sorrow that island residents mourn the death of Ritchie Woods who was found dead this morning by residents in the lot opposite Sanpedrano Store on Barrier Reef Drive. A long time resident and friend of many island residents, Ritchie Woods will be missed by many. More details in this week's issue of Ambergris Today Newspaper.

Costa Maya Festival Schedule of Events

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Constuction Worker Suffers Burns from Electric Shock

Contrary to reports on the radio and other newspaper blogs, a construction worker was not electrocuted yesterday afternoon as the gentleman is still alive, but remains in the hospital for treatment to burns he received after being shocked with a high tension wire.

Lenning Rodriguez received serious burns to his left side of his body after he was shocked when he came in contact with a high tension wire close to construction site opposite Richie's Supermarket. According to his co-workers, Rodriguez lifted some steel rods that got caught electrical wires that run adjacent to the construction site.

Rodriguez suffered multiple burns to his chest, arms and back. He was rushed to Dr. Daniel Gonzalez for medical attention and then rushed to Belize City's Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further medical attention.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mexican Authority Arrest Belizeans in Free Zone Casino Brawl

Three security guards from the Las Vegas Casino in Corozal are in a whole heap of trouble with Mexican authorities. They’re locked down in a Mexican jail after going a bit too far beyond the call of duty.
Around 1:30a.m. on Sunday, July 13, the security guards of Las Vegas Casino escorted two Mexicans out of the building because they were being disorderly, drinking and not gambling. But reports are that the men returned to the casino traveling in a small car, reportedly carrying a firearm. Reports say they used that gun to open fire close to one of the security guards who was standing at a corner of the building. The security responded by firing off shots as well and the car then sped off towards the Mexican border.
The three security men, along with their boss’s son George Hardy Jr., decided to follow in hot pursuit. As the chase continued over the border bridge the Mexicans managed to cross into their territory, the driver lost control and crashed into a lamp post. Still, the security team was on their tail, now on Mexican territory - with guns. They tried to explain to Mexican authorities what had happened but they were directed elsewhere for assistance and all four were arrested by the Mexican Army.
The Mexican nationals have been detained and the Belizeans, Curlin Thompson, Martin Miller, David Gomez and George Hardy Jr., face charges of Entering Mexico with Illegal Firearms.

Lighthouse Christian Radio’s 4th Anniversary

Lighthouse Christian Radio is celebrating four years of broadcasting in San Pedro Town. A part of the celebration will include hosting a Children’s Festival on Saturday, July 19, from 1p.m. to 5p.m. at the Old Football Field.
Bring your children for a fun time of face painting, balloons, clowns, puppets, games, fun Bible Stories and lots more. This is a free event and there will be many prizes for an afternoon of fun and Christian fellowship. Children between the ages of 3 to 13 are all invited. For more information, call Lighthouse Christian Radio at 226-4673. See you there!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Some negative feedback came back to Ambergris Today on the article we published last week about feeding the crocodiles in the popular column “Donde Esta Debbie”. We never saw people interpreting that we condone the action and call it a tourist attraction to bring visitors from all over the place to come see the feedings. We thank everybody for expressing their ideas and concerns.

Maybe the only mistake that we did was not being 100% clear of the intention of the article. But in the past Ambergris Today has, by published countless articles and pictures in regards to the dangers of feeding the crocodiles and warned people about doing so.

We agree that the manner in which the intended message was delivered was not the most appropriate one and the pictures should not have been taken, but we had tried time and again to warn the people about the dangers involved and no one listened, until now! This was probably the only way that we could think about to get people’s attention and wanted to make the proper authorities see the picture and do something that was safe for all. Our intention was to expose these dangers so that the town could build a safe facility for tourists to view the animals in their environment without any interference.

For the past three years, ever since the crocodile killed a dog at the WASA Pond, we have been preaching that something must be done to protect people from a possible vicious attack by one of these beasts. Then a group of young men started feeding the animals just to catch a view and have fun. Later on they started feeding them as a tourist attraction to collect some tips. And all this time nothing has been done. Now the focus has shifted from protecting people to protecting the animals because they are a protected species. But still nothing has been done until recently the town council hinted that it is planning to convert the place into an adequate and safe park as a tourist attraction. But everyday the feeding activity continues and nothing concrete happens.

To get attention for positive action on that matter, the author of Where’s Debbie Today got permission from the Deputy Mayor to report on what’s happening there to create public awareness. Debbie risked her personal safety to do this investigative report and does not deserve to be called: Dumb, Idiot, Fool, Local Sanpedrana, and Single mother. (By the way when is being a single mother and being a local something degrading?) Unfortunately a few people have misinterpreted the issue and resorted to insulting and abusive even threatening remarks at Debbie and our newspaper. We regret to see that a small group of people misunderstood our article, but nevertheless we are happy that it is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on the matter for now much attention is being given to it and we will finally have a plan of action for the spot.

We talked to the Town Council to either stop it or create a safer environment to feed these animals, because we could see so many tourists going there and endangering themselves. We admit that we did not make this point strong enough, but surely we have in the past, with no avail. Because weather or not we agree to it, the feedings are still going on. I have never gone to feed these animals and we probably should not have taken those pictures (I agree to that), but it seems that it was the only way that I could draw attention to the matter. I agree that feeding these animals is dangerous and should not be done. BUT IT IS BEING DONE! And I wanted to do just that, have the proper authorities create a safer environment.

I was surprised to see the negativity coming from some people to the extent of some people insulting our reporter and condemning our newspaper. We were trying to do something positive for the town and we hope that with this we have taken the first step in making it better.

Miss Belize Costa Maya Contestant

Here are additional pictures of Miss Belize Costa Maya Contest Jessica Medina who will be competing for the Reina de la Costa Maya crown at this year's Costa Maya festival on Thursday, August 7, 2008. More pictures of contestants to come.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Corozal Airstrip Opens Today

Inaugural ceremonies for the new and improved Corozal airstrip were held today as works have been completed. The airstrip is now longer, wider and much more safer. Both Tropic Air and Maya Island Air have announced that their six daily scheduled flight to and from Corozal/San Pedro resume as of today Wednesday, July 16, 2008. For more information contact your local airline.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vollyball Tournament

More volleyball action took place this past weekend as the Caye Caulker Beach Volleyball Tournament arrived in San Pedro once again. Results are as follows:

1st. Arvid Arnold/Germane Audinett

2nd. Tico Requena/Miguel Neil

3rd. Raul Arnold/Ernest Broaster
4th. Chico Marin/Andy Marin
5th. Ronnie Sosa/Luis Requena

The third stop for the qualifying tour will be July 20, at Caye Caulker. The top finishing team will have the honors of representing Belize at the Central American Senior Beach Volleyball Championship in Guatemala this August.

Northern Exposure

Many resident forget that resorts, restaurants and bars in North Ambergris not only cater to tourists, but are also open for business to locals. Everybody can enjoy the amenities these places have to offer as long as they patronize the establishment.

Pictured here is the Belize Legacy Resort, located 7.2 miles north, just a 12 minute boat ride. One of San Pedro's newest resorts, guests enjoy a choice of 32 beachfront and sea view suits, featuring world-class amenities (kayaks, pristine beach, 300-foot pier & palapa, water trampoline), a fresh water swimming pool, the Katanga Beach Bar, Mama Caribe's Restaurant & Grille and a wide selection of diving and inland adventures.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fire in San Pedrito Area

Fire fighters were quick to the scene of a fire at a small apartment building in the San Pedrito Area and prevented major damage to the building and surrounding homes. Unofficial reports have it that the fire started on the second floor and probably caused due to an electrical fault.