Friday, July 18, 2008

Mexican Authority Arrest Belizeans in Free Zone Casino Brawl

Three security guards from the Las Vegas Casino in Corozal are in a whole heap of trouble with Mexican authorities. They’re locked down in a Mexican jail after going a bit too far beyond the call of duty.
Around 1:30a.m. on Sunday, July 13, the security guards of Las Vegas Casino escorted two Mexicans out of the building because they were being disorderly, drinking and not gambling. But reports are that the men returned to the casino traveling in a small car, reportedly carrying a firearm. Reports say they used that gun to open fire close to one of the security guards who was standing at a corner of the building. The security responded by firing off shots as well and the car then sped off towards the Mexican border.
The three security men, along with their boss’s son George Hardy Jr., decided to follow in hot pursuit. As the chase continued over the border bridge the Mexicans managed to cross into their territory, the driver lost control and crashed into a lamp post. Still, the security team was on their tail, now on Mexican territory - with guns. They tried to explain to Mexican authorities what had happened but they were directed elsewhere for assistance and all four were arrested by the Mexican Army.
The Mexican nationals have been detained and the Belizeans, Curlin Thompson, Martin Miller, David Gomez and George Hardy Jr., face charges of Entering Mexico with Illegal Firearms.

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