Friday, July 4, 2008

You Report!

Mysterious Gallons on Roadside
Upon closer inspection, the person who sent in this pictures described to Ambergris Today that these gallons on the side of the road contain used cooking oil. And apparently this is not the first time they see these type of gallons on the road leading to Victoria House.
Someone is illegally dumping these gallons of oil that have spilt onto the brick streets and caused a foul stench in the area. Our reader is concerned about the negative environmental impact this has on the earth and urges the proper authorities to look into the matter. “Please, someone help!” she exclaimed.

More Vehicles on the Beach

More and more people keep on driving their golf carts, and even trucks, on the beach from Fido’s all the way to Tackle Box. The Town Council has closed the street leading to the municipal pier, but many find ways to drive their carts through Central Park benches and Atlantic Bank’s parking lot. One of our readers sumbitted these two pictures of residents driving on the beach and on the park bricks. He urges the Town Council and the Traffic Department to look into this matter if they want to preserve the beautiful beaches and prevent degredation of Central Park. *People , please stop this practice!*

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