Monday, July 14, 2008

Police Week Concludes with Parade

Police Week culminated with San Pedro Police Officers parading down the streets of downtown and ending with an awards ceremony at the Belize Yacht Club where officers were awarded for their hard work.

The master of ceremonies was Superintendent Arnold, along with Sgt Leslie Wade. Area Representative Manuel Heredia and Mayor Elsa Paz were present to hand out the award certificates to police officers. Both the Mayor and the Area Representative are in full support of the police and all their efforts to control the crime in San Pedro.

Mark Martinez, Jason Shaw, Deon Broaster, Dale Aranda, Jaime Gongora and Yadira Jones were all given certificates for Outstanding Performance and Dedication by a police officer. There were several more awards given out to the existing volunteer constables that work effortlessly along with the police to make our island a more peaceful place. As well, there were also some honorable mentions to a few citizens and businesses of San Pedro for their contributions to the San Pedro Police Department. There was a beautiful dinner for the officers that followed the ceremony.

The presence of the Belize Defense Force can now be felt on the island. Their patrolling now brings a sense of more security to islands residents who hope that the crime rate starts going down now.

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