Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach Access Blocked to Heavy Traffic

Due to the constant work that the water company is conducting at the Boca del Rio area, too much traffic has been directed to the beach. With concerns that too much traffic will degrade the condition of the beach area just north of town, the Town Council has closed down some streets and blocking access to heave vehicles. Only golf carts are allowed in most areas of the beach.

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Anonymous said...

Not even golf carts should be allowed on the beach. The beach should be cleaned up and restricted to foot traffic only. Tourists want to enjoy your beach but walking on the beach you find all sorts of garbage - plastic and glass bottles, styrofoam food containers, construction materials, vendor tables, sewer pipes form buildings in the sea, drain pipes from the street, exposed electrical wires, water feed pipes, innumerable bridges, and when you walk on the beach you meet bicycles, golf carts, delivery trucks, dog walkers with their dogs stooling on the beach. Keep your beach clean.