Thursday, July 24, 2008

Street Improvements & Cemeterry Committee

Back Street improvements

Due to the heavy traffic that the island now faces, the San Pedro Town Council has decided to upgrade Nurse Street (lagoon-side street) to allow vehicular traffic access to this street. The exact location is the street at the back of Mr. Miguel Alamilla’s Boatyard going north to the junction of Caribeña Street. Through this medium, the Council is requesting the residents of this vicinity to alleviate this area from any obstacle (approximately 20’ clearance) so as to allow for the steady flow of traffic. The Council appreciates everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

Cemetery Committee to be formed

Mayor Elsa Paz and the San Pedro Town Council will soon embark in the beautification of the San Pedro Cemetery. The Council welcomes the suggestions and ideas of the general public and as such is inviting interested parties to form part of the San Pedro Cemetery Committee. Once a group of persons sign in, a committee will be formed and the process will begin. Interested persons please call Mr. Felix Ayuso at telephone 226-2198/2788/2936 or 624-9379.

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