Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Text Support Isla Bonita Marching Band

The Isla Bonita Marching Band is asking for your support for the upcoming Band Fest, in which the band will be participating at San Ignacio on April 4, 2009. You can support the band and help it to win the competition by texting the Band # 5 to the text number 223 (only with your Digicell phone, not with your sms bundle). Texting commences NOW!

The Isla Bonita Marching Band hit the streets of San Pedro on Saturday, March 14, to practice for the event and asked for donations along the way. The drum line needs to raise funds mainly for transportation and lodging, so any assistance that can be rendered to them will be greatly appreciated. To pledge your support please call 226-3754 or 610-2402/607-0885. And start texting NOW!

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