Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lion Fish MANIA!

San Pedro is going Lion Fish CRAZY, but with good reason. After learning that the Lion Fish poses a great threat to the marine live in our coral reefs, residents are keeping a keen eye on the fish which has a $50 bounty, captured dead or alive.
"Lion Fish are all over the San Pedro Reef," commented personnel at Ambergris Divers. "This one (above) was spotted off the dive site buoy of Tres Cocos. Our diver took a few shots then called over the dive master to catch it - but the thing darted into the crevices and it couldn't be caught. We have gone back for it a few times, but have not ran across it again."

This Lion Fish, now at the Captain Shark's Aquarium, was caught this past Sunday, March 22, by crew members of Searious Adventures, making it the third of its kind captured alive in San Pedro.

Ambergris Today was the first newspaper to cover the story on the Lion Fish when news first broke out of its migration from North America to the Caribbean. Learn more about the threat of the Lion Fish by clicking HERE and HERE.

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