Friday, March 13, 2009

First Lion Fish Caught Alive in Belize

The commotion was at the Amigos del Mar pier on Thursday, March 12, as dive master Michael Hancock caught the first live Lion Fish in Belize. Michael was on his last dive at Vicente Dive Site by Turneffe when he spotted the Lion Fish. “I was re-surfacing because my oxygen tank was near empty when I spotted the fish,” commented Hancock to Ambergris Today.

“So I threw a T-shirt at the fish and as it was about to escape I reached for it and that was when it stung my left hand.”

The fish was brought back to the island and was placed in a ice cooler where people gathered at the dock to marvel at the beautiful, but deadly fish. It will be handed over to Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Mikey will earn $50 for catching the most wanted fish in Belize. Good enough to help pay some bills!

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