Friday, March 20, 2009

Fire Dept. Receives Pager System

Two week ago the San Pedro Fire Department received a much needed computer monitor by Ambergris Today’s Dorian’s Angels and to their surprise they were blessed with another kind donation this week by a kind donor from Texas who wishes to remain anonymous. The SPFD received a paging system consisting of 24 pagers with chargers and four chargers with amplifiers. These pagers are to be connected to the radio communication system that the Fire Department currently has and will be given to volunteers for better communication in case of a fire. Mr. Jerome Garcia, SPFD Chief, is asking for volunteer professional assistance to install the pager system. Kindly contact him at 226-2472 or visit the fire station. Volunteers are also needed!

1 comment:

Cora said...

Wow! That's good for them. I admire the Texan who wants to remain unknown for donating a paging system. Firefighters and other departments who deal with emergency situations definitely need a paging system to help them communicate.

Aside from having mobile phones, using pagers is one way of effectively communicating with other people especially in small and large organizations.

More power to the San Pedro Fire Department!