Thursday, March 19, 2009

Water Supply Cut off by Road Accident

Residents connected to the city water woke up this morning without potable water as an accident in the Escalante Subdivision caused the breakage of water supply to the Escalante and San Pablo Areas. According to BWSL workmen on the site to the incident, a motorist rammed into a pump stations at the entrance of the Escalante Subdivision. The driver managed to steer off the road, miss the protective piling of the water pump and plumbing and totally destroying the pumping substation.

The golf cart was also totaled and the BWSL utility men have been working onsite since 5a.m. when police reported the accident. The driver of the golf cart is still at large and the water supply to town should be up shortly. Residents of the Escalante Subdivision will have to wait a bit longer when repairs are completed.

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