Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fever Hits Island Schools

The Island was hopping with Halloween fun this morning as school children took the day off to dress up and have some fun at school. Isla Bonita Elementary School was the only group that hit the streets to Trick or Treat. Most of the other schools had parties at their school compound. Below are the schools we visited this morning. Happy Halloween Everyone! More Pictures of Halloween Weekend activities coming next week.

Isla Bonita Elementary School

San Pedro Pre School

Little Angels Pre School

Reef Radio Treats
Isariel Muñoz went to get his treats during the Reef Radio Morning Show Halloween Special.

Island Academy
Island Academy held a Halloween Costume Competition this morning. All of the students participated and prizes were awarded to top costumes in all of the class divisions.

Here are Island Academy's School Teachers dressed as the Coca Cola Family group of products

This is our pic for the scariest costume - Pretty Creepy!

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