Monday, October 19, 2009

Belize Wins Miss Photogenic at Miss Teenager

Belize representative, Daniella Wooley, was awarded Miss Photogenic at the Miss Teenager 2009 that took place over the weekend. Fifteen-year-old Laura Baez from the Dominican Republic became the winner of the 2nd edition of the Miss Teenager pageant held at the Sheraton Presidente Hotel in San Salvador, El Salvador, on October 15th. The 21 teenage beauties competed for the coveted title in several categories including interviews, national costumes, swimsuits and gowns.

Results: Yinela Yero (Panama, 3rd runner-up), Yohana Gonzalez (Isla Margarita, 1st runner-up), Laura Baez (Dominican Republic, Winner), Alejandra Castano (Colombia, 2nd runner-up) and Ruth Mora (Venezuela, 4th runner-up)

Special Awards:

Best Figure: Dominican Republic
Miss Photogenic: Belize
Most Beautiful Face: Dominican Republic
Miss Elegance: Ecuador
Miss Friendship: El Salvador
Miss Internet: Isla Margarita
Best National Costume: Aruba
Best Catwalk: Colombia
Most Beautiful Hair: Costa Rica

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