Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dorian's Angels at La Playa Lounge

Dorian’s Angels were invited to have lunch at La Playa Lounge and we were more than delighted to be there. The Angels are not used to being served; we like to get hands on experience whenever we can and prepare things for ourselves, so we headed straight to the bar to prepare our own drinks under the supervision of bartender “Shaggy”. Mojitos anyone? I helped prepare a delicious frozen Mojito for Delsie and a mango Mojito for myself. Pearl loves sweet drinks so she made a purple parrot and a banana daiquiri for our photographer Gerry. Read more HERE!

Philly Steak Baguette

Ceviche and Stuffed Jalapeños

Sofie prepares the Mojitos


Bread Pudding for dessert

A quick siesta after lunch...PERFECT!

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