Monday, October 19, 2009

Lime's Pizza Cook Off

It was probably the most well attended cook off of them all! Lime held a Pizza Cook Off this past Friday which was a fundraiser for Fatima Arceo that managed to raise almost $1,000. From now on, we might suggest the gals at Lime to ask for more food from its cook off participants because the pizza samples were gone in no time. The event was very well attended as the cook offs gain more popularity; and its all for a good cause as they serve as fundraisers for needy cases.

Delsie and Gerry were in pizza heaven

Sharon went crazy with the stamp

Topping off the cook off was Patty Arceo/Mercie Trejo

Pepperoni’s won second

Jim placed third (above)

Everybody had fun at the cook off

Mercie Trejo with her winner's ribbon

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