Friday, October 23, 2009

San Pedro Belize Express, Trips to Chetumal

San Pedro Belize Express' newest water vessel arrived in San Pedro on Wednesday, October 21, readying for the company's scheduled trips to Chetumal, Mexico. The water taxi company will introduce a new run to our neighboring city of Chetumal, making our commutes easier, cheaper and more convenient. The new schedule to Chetumal will commence on Saturday, October 31, 2009. Customs officials will be on hand on both docking stations in San Pedro and Mexico to process regular passport procedures and customs checks. The vessel has a carrying capacity of 100 passengers. For more information call 226-3535. See their ad on Ambergris Today to check out the Specials Deals. Now located on Ambergris Diver's Dock.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! It's great to know that we have a direct transportation from San Pedro to Chetumal. I understand that it is $80.00 BZ round trip and the boat leaves San Pedro at 8:30 am to Chetumal and from Chetumal at 3:00 pm

Anonymous said...

That sounds great. What do you need for customs , just your passport ?
Can you tell me how customs works if
we want to go shopping in Chetumal
and bring things back to San Pedro . Is there duty due and where is it paid for and how much is it % wise

Jurgen Janz said...

I really appreciate that connection. Would really like to know where it departs in Chetumal, what days and if there is a email adress to confirm reservations. Maybe the operators can post something on ambergris daily? Thanks. JJ

Caribbean Colors said...

The departure point in Chetumal is at the main municipal peir.