Thursday, October 15, 2009

Racist Remarks on Belize!

"White Girl Viciously Stabbed at UCLA by Black Student from Belize” This is what the headline reads from the website on the stabbing incident that occurred on Thursday, October 8, 2009. The news report has gone viral in Belize, but not because the student who inflicted the wounds was from Belize, but because the author of the article decided to write his piece with much racist and derogative remarks about our country.

The article is clearly written by an ignorant person who has no rights in calling Belize as “one of the most backward countries in Central America” and calling Belizeans “creatures” and “Third world primitives”.

The student who attacked the other student at UCLA happened to be from Belize. What happened was unequivocally awful. What was written about Belize and about him in this media report is so hideous and misguided.

“To ignorantly degrade an entire nation and explicitly use derogatory racial stereotypes is unconscionable. Why do so many U.S. commentators feel the need to do this?” comments someone on a social network. “Someone who knows NOTHING about Belize will now characterize it as "backward" which infuriates me. And someone equally ignorant will just uncritically read his hideous racist descriptions...and then dare to call someone else "backward"?!?!”

Below is the complete article written by James Buchanan. Visit the us.altermedia website by clicking HERE. Don’t be afraid to post your comment on the website and express your discontent on the author’s ignorance and racist remarks.

"White Girl Viciously Stabbed at UCLA by Black Student from Belize”

On Thursday, October 8th, Kathy Rosen was trying to finish a chemistry lab at UCLA. Another student in the class, Damon Thompson stabbed her five times with a six inch kitchen knife, he had brought with him that day, and then slashed her throat. The assault took place in front of 30 people. Thompson then dropped the knife and walked away. Students and a teacher rushed to her aid as a great quantity of blood spilled out from the wounds. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she turned pale as they applied pressure to the wounds.

Lab classes at UCLA often assign people to work in teams, and Kathy had the misfortune to be teamed up with Damon Thompson, a native of Belize. Belize is one of the most backward nations in Central America and it’s very difficult to believe that Thompson with his low forehead and prognathous jaw was even remotely qualified to attend a quality university in the US. No doubt some poor White kid had to be kicked aside to make room for this creature.

To add insult to injury, news has come out that Thompson had shown signs of severe mental illness, accusing his professors of saying derogatory things about him during exams even though no one else heard any of the remarks that he claimed to hear. One news article notes “A UCLA professor who taught the student accused of slashing a female classmate’s throat last week said Saturday that he told a university administrator 10 months ago that he had concerns about the student’s mental health, but strict federal privacy laws prevent UCLA officials from disclosing how they handled the issue. Stephen Frank, an associate professor in the university’s history department, met the suspect, undergraduate student Damon Thompson, when he enrolled in the instructor’s Western civilization class late last year, Frank said in an interview. Frank said he grew concerned about Thompson in mid-December 2008, after the student sent several e-mails complaining that classmates sitting around him had been disruptive and made offensive comments to him while he was taking a written exam… University officials have acknowledged that ‘Thompson was known to our student affairs office prior to the incident,’ but could not disclose information about the suspect, citing privacy laws.”

Why is it that evidence that a Black quota-student from Belize is crazy, paranoid and possibly a danger to the people around him is covered up by strict privacy laws, while everyone else in America has their communications routinely spied on by Homeland Security?

Another article reports “Thompson pulled out a knife and began stabbing the victim for no apparent reason… Authorities said the victim, identified in court as Katherine Rosen, 20, suffered five stab wounds and a slashed throat. Rosen was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in critical condition but has been steadily improving, doctors said.”

So an American student was nearly killed because of a policy to bring Third World primitives into the US. One can only hope that the victim sues the heck out of UCLA authorities for doing nothing about the complaints and evidence that Damon Thompson was profoundly mentally ill.

Perhaps it’s time to consider if ANY Third World people should be let into the US. Third World immigrants lower the pay rate for jobs from the fast food service to the high tech industry, where Hindu ersatz high tech workers are hired regardless of how marginal their education or intelligence may be. If the United States wants to maintain a high standard of living, we need to stop all Third World immigration, which invariably brings crime, lower wages, a huge tax burden and less competency in the high tech world.


Anonymous said...

VERY rude and racist remarks on Belize and not only that; there were even rude and racist remarks on Damon's appearance, nobody has any fault on the way they are or look, we are all unique beings in our own way. This article just places yet another black eye on our jewel and we just need to prove them that they are wrong in saying such derogative things about our beautiful country, Belize. We Belizeans need to be proud of our country and our national heritage.

Anonymous said...

Yes we are very Proud to be BELIZEANS, but yet there are people you are very quick to criticize us the Belizean People. But do we criticize the americas when they go about raping their own kids, no we don't. Therefore, I suggest that people shdn't talk rudeness about a place that i am more thatn sure haven't been to or even better haven't even made a friendship connection with the people of Belize, therefore they wouldn't know how affectionate our people are. So please stop the negativity about Belize because we have our Beauty and we don't deserve to be humiliated this way.

Anonymous said...

This is a very HOT topic in Belize right now! please visit the following FaceBook link to vent your views!

Anonymous said...

Allow me to express my displeasure the article entitled 'White Girl Viciously Stabbed at UCLA by Black Student from Belize' written by James Buchanan. The poor journalistic reporting is nothing more than an article full of racist, derogative, unfounded remarks and untrue statements about Belize and Belizeans.
While I do agree that the actions of Damon Thompson are unlawful and merits every weight of the US law establish by the court of law, as professionals we must not be sensational in our reporting. Moreover, to report an article in the most bias and racist form is uncalled and prejudice. He is not a “creature” he is a human and respect should be given regardless of the situation.
The article stated that we are “one of the most backwards countries in Central America” and suggested that we are “primitive.” What are the facts that support those disrespectful remarks? Sure we cannot be put on the same plate as the US, but I can clearly say that no one dies in Belize from hunger. Our poverty, unemployment and literacy rate is far less than US. Then if we are a primitive country, why is it that our Jewel has become an attraction for hundreds of thousand of American? Why is it that Americans keep coming to our country?
This community in which we live in has a lot of Americans. In fact it is the largest American community in Belize. Every month wanted US nationals are found in Belize and deported back to the US for hideous crimes. That does not make the US one of the worst and corrupt nations in the world. US wanted rapist, murders, drug lords and terrorist have been found in Belize and our views towards Americans have not change.
In closing, it would be unfair for me to say that the USA still remains one of the most racist countries in the world because Buchanan’s article. However it is evident that racism against black people is still a burning issues amount Americans even though they have a “Black” president.

Aurelia said...

I think James Buchanan needs to brush up on his theories in regards to Belize.
" Belize is one of the most backward nations in Central America and it’s very difficult to believe that Thompson with his low forehead and prognathous jaw was even remotely qualified to attend a quality university in the US. No doubt some poor White kid had to be kicked aside to make room for this creature."

My heart goes out to the family of Kathy Rosen, and whereas there is freedom of speech, Damon Thompson's facial features is irrelevant to his knowledge to attend UCLA.

Also, Mr James Buchanan, I'm sure you get off and totally enjoy writing crude and racist remarks in
your 'newsletters' but one person act does not reflect on the whole country.

And as backward as Belize is, I guess thats why many Americans and other foreigners are flocking to live there and buy up Real Estate throughout MY JEWEL. Central America BEST KEPT SECRET.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!!! Making such DISGUSTING, RACIST remarks about someone and a country is repulsive! Yet when their Sex Offenders and Criminals seek refuge to Belize you don’t hear us calling them derogative names! I am NOT condoning the student’s act. However, with your intellectual remarks Mr. ‘First World Country’ you prove you’re no better than us ‘Third World Country’.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how racist this guy is. I would love to meet the guy who did this report. All I know I am 100% Belizean and damn proud of to be one.

nelya101 said...

As a born Belizean i am appalled by this ignorant inhumane report made by James Buchanan. I do not condole whatever was done to that poor young lady but what was said about my country Belize was uncalled for. Belize is not a backward country and we are most qualified to attend any university of our choice. Belizeans are intelligent, well-mannered, cultural, social beings who deserve the utmost respect and equality given to any other country in the world. Statistics show that Belizean students and other 3rd world students are qualified and intelligent. Lastly people make mistakes and the mistakes they make are upon themselves not upon the country they come from. For when U.S citizens travel to other countries and injure innocent people it is not conceded as a big issue. Again I stress that whatever was done by Damon Thompson was uncalled for and is not condoled by Belizeans.
All in all we are all humans and in putting down another country and describing others as creatures do not resolve what was done but create conflict and wars. We most all learn to live in peace and equality.

Anonymous said...

I am rather shocked to find that people in this day and age are still making such racist remarks. I can understand that people are angry that someone almost got killed. Be it a white or black person, that person is human. I could understand that James Buchanan was trying to tell his readers that the person who did the act was an immigrant. What I cannot undersand is why James Buchanan felt is was necessary to make the country of Belize bad. And by the way James Buchanan, Belize is in Central America, bordered by Mexico by the north and Guatemala by the West and South, we are not in Africa and even if we were, it does not give you the right to write such rubbish. When he described Belize as ‘backward’, he seemed to be describing Belize way before slavery was abolished. If he was educated enough I am certain that he would have done thorough research before he wrote this story. If we, the people from the third world are so much of a burden to the United States why is it that recruiters come to our country to recruit our nurses to work in your hospitals, why is it that recruiters try to recruit our athletes in order to look good when you are competing? What this idiot needs to realize is that we might be from the third world but we are educated and not backward as he puts it. He also needs to realize that we here in Belize are made up of diverse cultures and we are a proud nation. What James Buchanan needs to do is educate himself, make good use of a spot at UCLA. I would recommend that he enroll in a journalist course also he needs to learn to use the internet in order to do proper reseach before he writes another story that could be classed as news worthy. I am only guessing but I believe that James Buchanan must have applied to UCLA but was not accepted because he did not meet their standard, hence the reason he is an angry person. I suggest that James Buchanan try on online college just maybe he will be accepted, but his acceptance surely will not be based on his writing skills as it seems it is at an eight grade level, maybe he should try to get his GED first. AND STOP HATING THOSE WHO HAVE EXCELLED.

Anonymous said...

Hello from northern California. I read many articles from Belize sites whenever I can. I can't wait to visit your country. I just want to comment about Mr. Buchanan. I have never heard of him nor his website. This event was not portrayed in our regular news media in such a racist manner. It was more reported that a mentally ill man stabbed a fellow student. I'm not even sure it was reported that he was from Belize. The last paragraph of the story told it all. His website is probably geared towards ranting about illegal immigration in America and the student from Belize was used as an example. When Belize is mentioned, Americans smile and say they want to visit it someday. Hope to see you in 2011!