Friday, October 23, 2009

Miss Teenager Belize Extends Thanks

Warm greetings to everyone,

Belize was promoted in El Salvador as the top tourism destination and the most pleasant tropical paradise, containing a diversity of Cultures which welcomes all to visit. I am writing a personal note to thank in addition to congratulate everyone. Even though it was Belize’s first time in history, we came in second on online voting popularity and won the award at the Miss Teenager Universe 2009 of Miss Photogenic!

I would like to thank those who voted and supported me in representing Belize. Thank you to all Friend, my manger Nancy Marin, Deangela Woolley, family and to all fellow Belizeans. I would also like to say a special thank you to all sponsors: Taca Airlines, Habet & Habet, Carlos Arguelles, Abdala Bedran & family, Pine Lumber, Atlantic Insurance, Lunstenberger family, Chuc’s Service Station, Shell Gas station in San Ignacio Mr. Pops and daughters, Love FM, Belize Reporter, Ambergris Today, Will Moreno, Belize Tourism Board, Smart, Digicel, Galen University, and Belize Christian Academy. God Bless you all


Daniella Woolley

Miss Teenager Pageant 2009

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