Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dorian's Angels at Comex Paint Supply Store

Colors – we see them everywhere; every child is an artist but not every artist can paint like a child. Colors are all around us, and well this week the Angels visited the only place in town that deals with only colors and paints, Comex. Our artist Angel – Perlita was more than excited to pay a visit to the color palace in town and when we got there David and Eumelio welcomed us to the place and wasted to no time in showing us all the products that Comex has to offer. Read more on Comex's San Pedro Branch HERE!

Delsie and Sofie get high tech as the get to mixing some paints

Pearl readies to paint the walls

Can you believe that the guys at Comex allowed the girls to spray paint the wall inside the store!

Sofie and Delsie's first graffiti art work

There is a wide variety of paints and paint products to choose from

David and Eumelio, at Comex, are very knowledgeable of all the products at Comex and are very helpful when it comes to choosing the right products for your project

Paint, paint and more paint...

Some time fooling around at the store


Anonymous said...

Would be nice to have a contact number listed. They are not in the phonebook and remembered that you guys had done and article on them. Too bad I could not get this info. :(

Ambergris Today said...

Here is the number for Comex in San Pedro 226-4665. Thanks for the comment.