Thursday, October 8, 2009

Backpacks for Belize

BYOB – You might interpret this as “Bring your own Beer” however, Mrs. Aretha Mitchell, owner and founder of National Development Services has her own interpretation of BYOB “Bring Your Own Backpack” Party. Mrs. Aretha Mitchell and her family reside in the United States and return to San Pedro, their second home at Sueño del Mar. While in the States, Mrs. Mitchell continually has fundraisers and speaks to local businesses and Catholic Churches regarding the needs of the children of San Pedro.

“As I was gathering up the school supplies for the students of Isla Bonita Elementary School, I thought let’s make a fun party while putting the school supplies in the back packs” commented Mrs. Aretha. “I called my sister, my niece and a few of my girlfriends and we all filled up the backpacks with school supplies.”

According to Mrs. Artha, the only requirement her friends had was to bring a new backpack, food and drinks were optional. The back packs were filled with pencils, crayons, color pencils, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, folder paper, notebooks and erasers. Thankfully everyone showed up with brand new backpacks and the party was a huge success. Mrs. Mitchell plans on implement the BYOB for future projects for the children of San Pedro.

The National Development Services helps promote and assist students and their education. NDS is looking forward to working with the Prime Minister of Education in South Africa for the 2010 – 2011 school year. Wal-mart also contributed a percentage of the backpacks for the project. Special Thanks to Mayor Elsa Paz, her personal assistant Mr. Felix Ayuso and the entire staff of the Town Council.

This year was the first year of many to come that the teachers of Isla Bonita Elementary School received their year-end monetary bonuses. Many Thanks to the National Development Services for their support especially to Mrs. Aretha Mitchell and many other donors.

Mrs. Aretha Mitchell

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Aretha for thinking of the kids at Isla Bonita Elementary School. You are the greatest!