Monday, November 2, 2009

A Spooktacular Halloween Weekend!

Friday night Halloween celebrations belonged to Fido's Courtyard with a packed house that enjoyed free shots and plenty of prizes for those in costumes, while Saturday night belonged to Holiday Hotel with their ever-popular annual Halloween Bash. The rain came down all night long on Saturday, but that did not stop all those in costume to get out under the rain and dance the night away. But the fun was not restricted to these two places, other businesses celebrating the Halloween spirit included Pedro's, El Patio, La Playa Lounge and The Pier Lounge. (Gallery coming soon)

Fido's Halloween Party

Pedro's Pimp and Ho Party

Electrifying couple at Pier Lounge

Party at La Playa Lounge

Holiday Hotel Annual Halloween Bash
Wil Alamilla entertains the masses as Bz City Mayor Zenaida Moya

Four beautiful ghost busters

Zombie Prom Date

The King of Pop was also immortalized in San Pedro

The elusive Lion Fish strikes

The Care Bear posse were adorably fun

The Greek Couple

La Llorona

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