Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letty Lara at Miss World Sports

From day one, Ambergris Today has been committed to bring you updates on Letty Lara, Miss World Belize, at the Miss World Pageant in South Africa. We try to follow Letty on her every step leading to the big Pageant Night.

This week Letty and the other contestants were in Port Elizabeth from 16 to 18 November 2009 in order to take part in the "Miss World Sport" leg of the competition. This competition was held at the Nelson Mandela Bay 2010 Football Stadium. Letty told Ambergris Today that she and her group made it to the semi-finals of the competition which was played out today, November 18. The Miss World Contestants competed in various sports - a gladiator course, an adventure zone, a relay race and archery. The points earned at this event accumulate towards their final points for the competition.

Letty did not make it to the finals, but her winning spirit and drive got her very far. Congrats Letty! The six finalists were: India, Hungary, Japan, Jamaica, Latvia and Venezuala.

3rd place: HUNGARY bronze medal

2nd place: MISS JAMAICA silver medal

1st place and gold medal: MISS JAPAN and she gets fast tracked into the semi-finals

Letty with the Miss World gang on Safari

Letty (up front) at Abu Dhabi Fashion Show

Letty Lara, Miss World Belize, looking stunning

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