Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fever Hits Island Schools

The Island was hopping with Halloween fun this morning as school children took the day off to dress up and have some fun at school. Isla Bonita Elementary School was the only group that hit the streets to Trick or Treat. Most of the other schools had parties at their school compound. Below are the schools we visited this morning. Happy Halloween Everyone! More Pictures of Halloween Weekend activities coming next week.

Isla Bonita Elementary School

San Pedro Pre School

Little Angels Pre School

Reef Radio Treats
Isariel Muñoz went to get his treats during the Reef Radio Morning Show Halloween Special.

Island Academy
Island Academy held a Halloween Costume Competition this morning. All of the students participated and prizes were awarded to top costumes in all of the class divisions.

Here are Island Academy's School Teachers dressed as the Coca Cola Family group of products

This is our pic for the scariest costume - Pretty Creepy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Ambergris Today Team!

In the spirit of Halloween, the Ambergris Today Team hit the streets today, delivery day, all dressed up in different sports uniforms. All different uniforms but one solid team. Happy Halloween Everybody!

Dorian's Angels at Bayside Ceviche Bar

The Angels were out looking for a cool place to hang out and what better place to have a few drinks while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the island than at Bayside View. Oscar Varela was more than glad to have us over at Bayside View and invited us over to the kitchen to help prepare our own ceviche.Read more at Ambergris Today Online.

Hol Chan Coastal Clean Up

On Saturday, October 24, 43 students ranging from several primary schools around the island, as well as the high school, participated in a cleanup campaign held by the Northern Marine Reserves. This activity took place at the turtle nesting beach in Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve.

This area was selected since it is where the turtles come to nest on Ambergris Caye. In addition, turtle monitoring that was conducted by the reserve staff, revealed that a total of 18 nests were identified in the area during this year’s nesting season. Therefore it is important to keep the area clean.

A total of 30 garbage bags of trash were collected from the beach, which was transported to town and properly disposed at the San Pedro dump site. The office of Hol Chan Marine Reserve thanks all the students who took part in this conservation activity and they look forward for their participation in other future activities.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Author Nuñez at Isla Bonita Elementary

San Pedro’s prominent writer and author of “Twenty Five Years Ago” addressed the students of standards five and six at Isla Bonita Elementary School. The address was possible upon an invitation of Teacher Sharon, the head teacher for standard five. Students at that institution are using the book “Twenty Five Years Ago” as an extra resource English/reading book. After completing the reading of the early chapters, Angel Nuñez was invited to talk about some aspects of life in San Pedro in the past.

Mr. Nuñez commented that the children were so enthused in asking a variety of questions that the dismissal bell was rung and they kept pouring out with questions. “They wanted to know about doctors, school, teachers, boats, ice, electricity, midwives, food, cost of living, and most important what young people and children did to entertain themselves,” said Angel Nuñez.

Author Nuñez says he is grateful and honored that San Pedro High School and Isla Bonita are using and benefitting from his writings and recollections of San Pedro in the past. He invites everyone living in San Pedro to read the book and use history to help us better live in the present.

Copies of the book may be obtained at Ambergris Today, Lala’s Store, Chico’s Meat Shop, San Pedrano’s Stationery, Ambergris Jade, Blu, Richie’s Supermarket, The Library, and from him personally. Friends who would like an autographed copy may bring their books to Ambergris Today. Purchases from abroad may be made for $15 U.S including postage to Angel Nunez, P.O. Box 23, San Pedro Town, Belize.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire Breaks Out Next to Ambergris Stadium

A bush fire broke out tonight at about 7:20p.m. in an empty lot next to the Ambergris Stadium bordering the San Pablo/DFC Areas, which eventually turned out to become a fairly large fire. But the fire was not an immediate threat to homes as surrounding water-logged empty lots prevented the fire from spreading further and closer to neighboring homes. Surrounding neighbors believe that the fire was set intentionally because there had not been any persons clearing lots in the area and the fact that it started in the middle of the empty lots. Both Police and Fire Departments are investigating.

Fire comes close to structures at the Ambergris Stadium

Neighbors watch as smoke blankets the Ambergris Stadium

Belize at Chetumal's Expo

San Pedro Dance Company Junior group performed in Chetumal Q. Roo for the Expo Fair the 24th October. Belize was an active participant at this year's Expofer. The Belize Tourism Board had a booth at the fair where they displayed local Belizean products and served delicious traditional Belizean food.
Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism, with the San Pedro Dance Company

Monday, October 26, 2009

Letty Lara Prepares for Miss World

Miss World Belize, Letty Lara has now been featured amongst the entire 120 finalist on the official website of the Miss World Pageant 2009. Click HERE to view Letty’s profile and that of all the finalists that she is up against. Letty leaves for London next week where the whirlwind off activities before the competition starts and then travels to Johannesburg, South Africa which will be the venue of the pageant.

This November will see the Miss World finalists fly in to London for a very special event to kick off the month long festival leading up to the final in South Africa. The Miss World Charity Dinner will bring all 120 finalists to London for a night of International fundraising and world class entertainment.

Miss World has done so much to support children all over the world through its theme ‘Beauty With A Purpose’. All proceeds will be donated to the Variety International Children’s Fund and the event hopes to raise $1 million to support surgical, nutritional and educational programs in Haiti, Palau, Philippines, Ghana and India.

All competing Miss World nations will be officially presented on stage, each wearing a dress created by a designer from their own country.

Letty Lara at Miss World Website

Letty Lara at Global Beauties Website

Over the weekend, Letty held a BBQ sale to raise funds for her month-long trip abroad. Delicious lobster, fish and chicken was sold on Saturday, all of which was gone in no time. Thanks to all who supported Letty.