Monday, February 23, 2009

Rosalie Staines Does the Boogie!

Rosalie Staines and her film crew were in San Pedro last week from Saturday to Wednesday to film Boogie in Belize V, their 3rd Oapn Paki Skydiving Special. “Of course I did it again and it gets more stupendous each time,” commented Rosalie to Ambergris Today.

She explained that the focus this year has been to highlight the financial support the skydivers have provided to San Pedro and other tourism attractions nationwide these past five years. Oapn Paki has done as much possible to promote the Boogie to Belizeans in hopes that more locals will take interest in the sport. However, this yearly skydiving event can only continue if the organizers have the full support of the government of Belize and the San Pedro Town Board.

Rosalie and her crew also visited the Sweet Basil Restaurant and Reef Village up north, among others, on her visit to the island.

Rosalie Staines takes the BIG PLUNGE!

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