Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ambergris Today Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Ambergris Today, Issue #1, 1999

The tenth year in a child’s life is the stage when he is just about to move from childhood into adolescence. Not so for Ambergris Today. We had to move from birth into maturity from our very first year, a task that has been rewarding, challenging but most of all exciting and pleasurable.

In ten short years we have been able to meet our main objective which is to share with our public a positive attitude of everything that affects our community. In most cases this has been easy sailing but in some cases we have had to do the unorthodox in order to be able to attract the attention of the authorities and get positive action from them. When grumbling, lamenting and pointing fingers did not work we had to risk one of our reporters' life so as to finally get the authorities to remove that peril. Mission accomplished for it was a negative occurrence with a positive ending.

Of course we need to thank many for making our journey successful and exciting. Thanks to all our patrons who have allowed us to advertise their products, services, agendas, manifestos, and even their joys and celebrations.

Thanks to our columnists whose only desire is to help make life more meaningful to everyone. A special thanks to our Teen Talk Columnists over the years (all nine of them) who have maintained a keen interest in the welfare of our youths. Let’s not forget our very popular column Secrets to Life by Chris Emmanuel and our Geekends Tech Tips from Xtreme Geeks. Mr. Angel Nuñez, congratulations on your book that was the fruit of your long-standing column 25 Years Ago. To the many past columnists who have come and gone, Thank You.

Thanks to those who write letters to express sincere concerns of the Islanders. Thanks to the fire department and the Police for their keen cooperation in making San Pedro a better and safer place for all of us.

A big thank you to everyone who sends photos of their memorable social events and You Reports which seek to remedy some irregularity in our community. Thanks to our printers, Norman Printing House, for giving us high quality printing and meeting our tight deadlines and always on time for delivery.

And most of all thanks to our reading public, both on hard copies and internet, for making us the newspaper of their choice. Our website and daily blog are skyrocketing in popularity!

Last but not least thanks and congratulations to our dedicated and professional staff that put heads together day after day and many times need to go out of their way just for you our readers. All of you are Ambergris Today, and to all of you we say Happy Anniversary and Kudos to everyone. We hope to continue serving you another ten years and beyond.


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Wish you many more!

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Happy Anniversary