Thursday, February 12, 2009

Robberies in San Pablo Area

Beware!- Our office has gotten quite a few complains about a certain individual roaming and stealing in the San Pablo, DFC Area and Escalante Subdivision. Residents say that on Monday, February 9, this certain individual went knocking door to door around 2:00a.m. asking for money. He stated that one of his family members was in need of medical attention. Reports from the neighborhoods indicate that residents have strong suspicion that this individual has been stealing from its residents. A store in the DFC area was burglarized and stolen from there were minor things, like toiletries. Residents of these areas are being asked to be on the alert since it is believed that it is the same individual burglarizing all the areas and stealing petty items. We will continue with this investigation as the San Pedro Police has been notified of the robberies. Residents ask for more patrols in these residential areas.

Editor's Note: My house in the San Pablo Area was broken into last night. The thief went away with my personal laptop and three pieces of jewelry (a chain, bracelet and ring). If you hear anybody selling laptops in the streets, please give me a call: 610-1227. Thanks!

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