Thursday, February 19, 2009

Commotion in Caye Caulker

Fellow blogger Tina Auxillou posted these pictures in her blog today which started off saying:


Golf carts narrowly missing each other, people just about short of getting knocked down by blinded drivers, people on bicycles running off the street, pedestrians stopping mid-street, kids gawking, old men smiling, married women & mothers of children pissed off pre-teen boys running home to lock themselves in bathrooms MANDINGOS in a FRENZY."

It seems that there is a man claiming to be from Miami and holding a photo shoot in the island of Caulker. BUT he is parading down the streets with two young models who are wearing sheer (transparent) top, exposing their breasts to the public. The island is buzzing with excitement as these girls are definitely capturing the attention of everybody who passes by them.

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