Monday, February 16, 2009

Letter from US President Barack Obama

Belmopan - 11 February, 2009 - It has been announced from the Office of the Governor General that after the victory of Mr. Barack Obama in the recent presidential election in the United States of America, a message of congratulations was sent to him by Sir Colville Young, the Governor General, on behalf of the people of Belize. That message did read as follows:

5th November, 2008

Dear Sir,

On behalf of your friends, the people of Belize, I write to offer you congratulations and best wishes. I am sure the world welcomes your historic election to the greatest office on our planet and looks forward to your leadership in the global fight to re-establish human dignity, worth and well-being everywhere.


Hon. Sir Colville Young GCMG

Governor-General of Belize

In reply, President Barack Obama has sent the Governor General the following letter:

February 9, 2009

Dear Governor General,

Thank you for your congratulations on my election as President of the United States. Your thoughtful message is much appreciated. I am confident that we can work together in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a more secure world during the next four years. I look forward to working with you in that effort and in promoting good relations between the United States and Belize.


Barack Obama

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