Friday, February 6, 2009

$100 Reward

The Ambergris Caye Timeshare Association has issued a notice that it will reward anybody $100.00 if they catch the illegal practice of OPC’s harassing tourists on golf cart or 10 feet outside their authorized booth. Below is the release:

TIMESHARE (REGULATION OF OFF PREMISES CONTACT PERSONS) REGULATIONS O.P.C Part IV (Duties of Licence Holders), Section 8(1)(L) states that:
(1) It Shall be the duty of all (OPC) license holders under these Regulations to -
(L)“Distribute handbills, offers, timeshare documents and other material relating to the sale of timeshare rights from a booth or within ten feet of the booth authorized by registrar.”
It is for this reason that the illegal practice of OPC’s harassing our tourists on golf carts should be stopped. We offer a reward of $100.00 per picture (with time & date) that shows any OPC practicing this illegal action on golf carts so the proper steps could be taken by the laws of Belize to stop the harassment of our tourist.
By Belize law, any OPC that violates this law will be fined $1000.00 for the first offense. Upon the second offense, the OPC will not be allowed to operate as an OPC on Ambergris Caye.
We encourage all companies selling timeshare to comply with the laws of Belize!

You may call 671-2259 to deliver pictures and to collect reward.


Anonymous said...

Well,I have seen some of OPC even they are behind the people at their hotels,about two weeks,we saw one inside the fence from Holiday Hotel.

Anonymous said...

When did this timeshare association begin? who are its memebers? Help...

megat said...

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Anonymous said...

I've seen some OPC chasing tourists on golfcarts and even waiting outside hotels such as Banana Beach and Belize Yacht Club