Friday, February 6, 2009

A Friend of John Paul Saldiver

Dear Editor of Ambergris Today,
I was diving on Ambergris Caye last year and became friendly with John Paul Saldivar. I am very shocked and saddened to hear of his brutal death this week. I am sending you some photographs that I took of John Paul. I think they illustrate his real personality and I am happy for you to use them in your publication if you wish to use them in your articles around his unfortunate and untimely death.
All best wishes,



Eve said...

Wonderful memories of John cross all borders and live on with so many of us overseas who knew him. Thanks for posting such great photos. How sadly ironic that I took some just like that when I hung out with him only a few short weeks ago. ;(

karen said...

Well Jhon was my uncle, He was a great person! He was the coolest uncle on earth.

Now that He is resting in peace, we full fill our hearts with joy with His memories.
He promise that one day He will take me to the blue hole so I will dive with Him, in his memorie one day I will do IT!!!


amy said...

well i`ll miss u so much tiolo soon or later we'll c each other love u so much, u will always b in my heart give a kiss to grams.

love amy jean (ur niece)

Jonathan said...

This massage is for my soldier, "we will miss you".

I´ll never forget the moments that I past with Him, the things that I leard so, nuff respect fu my dog, realy strait man
WE love you and miss YOU! forever.
Jonthan your dog.