Friday, May 14, 2010

Walk with the Fish!

With all the commotion and resistance that the new Sea Trek underwater adventure is receiving from the public even before the project is launched in Ambergris Caye, project owner David Gegg invited Ambergris Today and other media personnel for a special preview of the unique underwater experience. Delsie and Gerry of Ambergris Today got the opportunity to walk the bottom of the sea at the Mexico Rocks area, where the Sea Trek attraction has been proposed to operate.

Mr. David Gegg’s intention is to show the public what Sea Trek is all about for everybody to understand its concept and benefits for tourism in Belize. Although many businesses and conservation groups are expressing that the project will have a negative impact on the dive site, Mr. Gegg believes that he has followed all the steps necessary, laid out to him by the Department of Environment (COE), to ensure that Sea Trek has a minimum negative impact on the area.

The Government of Belize and DOE have given Sea Trek the green light, but some residents, including business owner and hotels, are lobbying against it. Needless to say Ambergris Today had a great time as the Mexico Rocks area never ceases to impress. Here are some pictures we took and a video for you to take a look and decide for yourself. (More on the Story Here)

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Anonymous said...

This looks amazing!!!! I soooo wanna do this!