Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heavy Rains Flood San Pedro

Today mother nature decided to just bless us with rain... too much rain! Well it poured heavily for approximately two hours, flooding different parts of the island. Fishermen from the island had a bit more work cut out for them since their boats were sinking. Also, our office received reports of a boat filled with tourists out on a dive sinking outside the reef just in front of town. Local dive shops rushed to assist. No injuries or casualties have been reported. Even the local airlines were forced to delay and cancel some flights and the runway started to flood as well. I guess its true when they say that when it rain it pours.

Flooded streets at Elliott Subdivision

Water logged streets at Escalante Subdivision

Atlantic Bank's staircase becomes a waterfall

Yard at Nellie's Laundromat floods

Boat owners tend to their flooded vessels

Escalante/DFC flooded street

Flooded yard in Escalante Subdivision

Even the Boss' car sprung a leak!

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