Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Town Council Awards Employees

Certificates of Appreciation and cash awards were presented to various members of the staff that comprise the San Pedro Town Council in their various departments. Plaques and cash prizes were also awarded to employees who have served over 15 years at the Council.

Juan Chi - Outstanding Performance as a Truck Assistant

Jaime Paz - Outstanding Street Worker

Claudio Azueta - Outstanding Performance as Traffic Warden Warden

Cristina Bradley - Outstanding Performance as Bridge Worker

Nesher Acosta - Employee of the Year 2010

Candy Bradley - Employee of the Year 2009

William Stevens Sr. - 20 years of service and outstanding performance as driver 2009

Edgar Paz - 15 Years of Service & Outstanding Performance as a Truck Assistant

Edmundo Castillo - 16 Years of Service

Anthony Castillo - Outstanding Performance as Street Cleaner 2009

Orlando Flores - 18 Years of Service

Jorge Santos - Outstanding Performance as Traffic Clerk

Orlando Westby - Driver of the Year 2010

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