Monday, June 29, 2009

Shooting on Swan Street

Residents in the Airstrip Area along Swan Street were startled in their homes as gunshots flew through the neighborhood. According to eye witnesses, a masked man on bicycle stopped in front of a golf cart where another man was sitting and shot four times in his direction. Bullets scattered, one hitting the golf cart’s windshield and another grazing a bicycle being used by a child on the streets. Initial Police reports state that the masked man shot at three people sitting on the golfcart, grazing two of them and causing minor injuries. The shooter managed to escape. One person has been detained for questioning. More information coming as it becomes available. The shooting incident occurred a few feet from Mr. Chi’s Mechanic Shop at about 9:40p.m. Monday, June 29.

Bullet penetrates through the golf cart's windshield where victim was sitting

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