Friday, June 12, 2009

San Pedro High School Prom Night

Eric Santizo & Alejandra Aranda (Prom King & Queen)

San Pedro High School Senior Class 2009 celebrated its prom night on June 11, 2009 at the El Divino Restaurant. A large crowd awaited outside Banana Beach Resort to get a glimpse of the graduates and their dates as they made their grand entrance. It was a very glamorous event. (A full gallery to be posted at this afternoon)

Best Entrance:Marcelo Castillo

Best Entrance:Marcelo Castillo, Best Dressed Female: Michelle Nuñez, Best Dressed Male: Luis Rubio ,Best Dressed Couple: Kyle Vasquez & Sabrina Varera

Scarleth Delgato & Eni Gonazlez
Our Teen Talk Reporter Lizette Graniel and date Humberto Torrez

Best Dressed Michelle Nuñez

Senior Couple of the Year

Hazael & Yasmira

Alejandra Gomez and date Raul Gonzalez

Best Hair Style

Female: Joana Lisbey

Male: Renison Crawford

Best Dressed Couple

Kyle Vasquez& Sabrina Varera

Best Dressed

Female: Michelle Nuñez

Male: Luis Rubio

Senior Couple of the Year

Hazael & Yasmira

Best Entrance:

Marcelo Castillo

Prom King:

Erick Santizo

Prom Queen:

Alejandra Aranda

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