Friday, June 19, 2009

Searious Adventures Clarifies Boat Accident

After reading many media reports on the boat accident which occurred yesterday, Thursday, June 18, 2009, the management of Searious Adventures submitted a letter to Ambergris Today to clarify the erroneous information that was published about the accident.

“After an unfortunate collision which occurred during a heavy rain we were notified and immediately went to assist the situation,” stated the letter from Searious Adventures. The company wishes to clarify the situation that was wrongly reported in a daily website blog on the island, whose information was picked up by other media house in Belize City and another San Pedro Blog.

As it stands, Searious Adventures confirms that one of its boats collided with another boat and they assisted with getting the injured man to a local clinic on the Island. The letter submitted to Ambergris Today continued to clarify the matter as follows:

(Open Quote) “On Friday, June 19, the blog post read – ‘Searious Adventures crashed into a 24 foot boat while Mr. Badillo was fishing’ - First of all … (1) The name is incorrect (2) The location is incorrect (3) The action is incorrect. He was not fishing. (4) The Hospital mentioned was incorrect. (5) His condition named in the article is incorrect. And Searious Adventures did not crash into Mr. Badillo’s boat…So basically the entire article is full of false facts and untrue information. Sometimes situations occur that are out of our control and accidents happen.” (End Quote)

Searious Adventures believes that not only has their name been slandered, but that the false information has exposed an exaggerated situation that affects tourism on a whole.

Editor's Note: Ambergris Today contacted Mr. Badillo's family and they informed us that Mr. Armin Badillo was released from Universal Health Services, he is not in any serious condition and that he had taken the precautionary medical check-ups. Searious Adventures is doing all it can to assist Mr. Badillo.

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