Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dorian's Angels at Rojo Lounge/Mrkt

This week the Angels got a special invitation by one of San Pedro’s Top Resorts and Restaurants for us to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun away from the busy streets of San Pedro, as we got to be guests at Rojo Lounge/Rojo Mrkt at Azul Resort. For this special treat even our lovely boss, Dorian, got to come along and enjoy a stress-free afternoon with us (or so I believe)! (Read more at Ambergris Today Online)

Perlita puts the pizza in the oven

Presenting... Chef Jeff

Sofia's favorite, the Mud Slide

Plantain Crusted Shrimp (Really good guys!)

The pizza was Amazing.

Fish fillet with stewed beans

The Cuban Sandwich

...Almost done with all that food.

Dorian toasts with Vivian and Findley, our hosts

Checking out the high school prom gallery at Ambergris Today Online

The girls go shopping at the Rojo Mrkt Boutique

After noticing "Shrimps" poolside, we were tempted to go in as well... we did

Surf's Up!

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