Friday, April 24, 2009

Spelling Bee at Ambergris Caye Elementary

Ambergris Caye Elementry School held a Spelling Bee competition amongst the children from different classes. This began since Wednesday with Infant I, Infant II and Middle Division. Principal Jacobs informed us that they are doing such competitions with the students for them to learn a sense of responsibility, to improve their academic skills and also to prepare for further competitions to come in the future with different schools. The San Pedro Town Council donated the Trophies to the winners.

The following winners were:

Infant I

1st Place- Olivia Frisienger
2nd Place – Suni Vasquez
3rd Place – Rachel Alamilla

Infant II

1st Place – Ivana Nunez
2nd Place – Diego Francois
3rd Place – Bianca Narvayes

Middle Division

1st Place – Sammuel Bachet
2nd Place – Kylie Alamilla
3rd Place – Brandon Worthington

Today’s Winners (Upper Divisions)

1st Place – Tiffany Rivero
2nd Place – Ansely Castillo
3rd Place – Gianna Pacheco

Tiffany RiveroAnsely CastilloGianna Pacheco

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