Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dorian's Angels at Ocean Essence Day Spa

- by Sofia Muñoz, With all the hustle and bustle in town and all the work that one has to do every day, one asks “Where can I find some peace and relaxation in this lovely paradise?” Well look no more, Ocean Essence Day Spa can help you escape from your everyday stress and modern life and reinvigorate your spirit.

Since the Angels are always out and about doing fun and adventurous things, we thought, “Why not take a break and enjoy a relaxing day at Ocean Essence Day Spa?”Scarleth, got to enjoy a relaxing and calming, light massage with the use of various warm seashells. The seashells used help to balance energy and improve circulation and boost lymphatic drainage. The beautiful shells are found locally around the island.

Pearl on the other, hand instead of receiving one of the many treatments the spa has to offer, decided to help out Shirley and give me a Tropical Facial. For this treatment fresh local fruits and local brown sugar is used for an exfoliating and moisturizing facial. Fresh papaya was smoothed on my face after which an exfoliating massage was done using the brown sugar.

Sofia gets prepped up for her facial

Perlita cuts papaya to prepare Sofia's face mask

A light foot massage is also part of the deal with the facial

The massage table is prepared for Scarleth

Scarleth looks like she is in bliss

Ocean Essence Masseuses Ceci Lara, Sara Bladon and Shirley Eiley

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