Monday, April 20, 2009

Dolphins vs BullSharks

The newly formed San Pedro Bull Sharks Semi-pro football team won the first match up of the season against the Dolphins with a final score of 3-2. Either way, San Pedro had to turn out a winner as the Dolphins are also from San Pedro. Yes there are two San Pedro teams in the semi-pro tournament this year. The power and performance of both teams has yet to be seen as both are sporting new and younger members. But the match did prove to be an exciting one as the San Pedro fans had to split their cheers in two.

The excitement built up until the second half of the game as the Bull Sharks started with a 1 to nil scorecard. Their second goal came shortly after, but the Dolphins managed to tie the match 2 to 2 very late into the game hoping to make another goal for the win. Their confidence was shattered at the last minutes of the match when the Bull Sharks managed to break the tie and end their first game with a big win. Read more on this week’s Ambergris Today Newspaper out on Thursday, April 30. Full schedule of the tournament matches coming soon.

The San Pedro Dolphins celebrate as they tie the game 2-2

But their celebration was cut short and the Bull Sharks make one last goal to win the match

The San Pedro Bull Sharks

The San Pedro Dolphins

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