Friday, April 17, 2009

Dorian's Angels at Casa Pan Dulce Bakery

Have you ever wondered about the process of making and baking that delicious bread you eat every morning or how those delicious birthday, anniversary or special occasion cakes and treats are done? Well, by popular request from our readers, the Angels decided to take up the challenge to find just how this is done and help out the bakers at Casa Pan Dulce for the day. Read more about their adventure at Casa Pan Dulce HERE!

Scarleth gets to make the sweet pineapple pastries

Sofia takes hold of making the Pullman Bread

While Perlita goes the packaging...

...and the cutting

The kneading is hard work

Perlita gives the crocodile bread its teeth

The final result is an array of delicious breads, pastries, cakes and treats

And here is the staff of Casa Pan Dulce Bakery that make the magic happen every day

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