Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lime Challenge Continues

Update from the Lime Bar and Grill - Week one of the Lime Challenge is over and everyone except one man lost weight. From half a pound up to a staggering eleven and a half pounds in weight which was 3.8% of his original weight. He attributes this to totally cutting down on his alcohol intake and switching to wine from beer!
There are now 19 people in the challenge with room for more. The winner this week walked away with $42.50Bze and Saga got the other $42.50. There was a total of 52.5lbs lost as a group, so that's a pile of weight that has disappeared.
If anyone wants to join the challenge and have the chance to win $1000.00 of vouchers for either Moondancer or Sundancer then go over to Lime and sign up. The prize now includes a makeover and pampering day at Leslie’s Beauty Salon; so go on and join in the fun.

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