Thursday, April 2, 2009

Captain Sterling Vorus on Treasure Quest

Remember when Captain Sterling Vorus, owner of the Island Ferry, ran into some rough waters as he was treasure hunting off the coast of Spain? His vessel was seized after her recovered some treasures he and crew found deep in the ocean; he was kept in isolation for some time.
Well now you can see exactly what happened as the Discovery Channel will air the happenings TONIGHT as the Odyssey recovers an estimated half billion dollars worth of silver and gold coins. Spain believes it's from a 19th-century Spanish frigate and demands it back. Part legal battle, part high seas drama -- who will gain final possession of the treasure? Tune into the Discovery Channel’s Treasure Quest at the following dates and times: *Apr 02, 10:00 pm/ *Apr 03, 1:00 am/ *Apr 04, 2:00 pm.

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