Monday, April 27, 2009

Galen University Wins Eco-Challenge

The Galen Warriors take the first place trophy

Not all 22 teams made it back to San Pedro Town from the Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge as two teams dropped out of the race as early as day one in the competition. For the first time in five years there was a neck to neck competition amongst four teams that showed much strength and endurance. Below are some of the highlights. Read more on the Eco-Challenge on this Thursday's edition of Ambergris Today and online at

Top 5 Teams:
* 1st place Overall - Galen Warriors - Mario Sanchez and Alfonso Ayala sponsored by Galen University
* 2nd place - Lazy Lizards - Immer Perez and Salva sponsored by Lazy Lizard and Anwar's Tours
* 3rd place - We Nuh E-Z - Jimmy Polonio and Rafael Averez, sponsored by Caye Casa
* 4th place - Reef Radio - Sergio Lopez and Byron, sponsored by Reef Radio
* 5th place - Searious Dilligaf - Martin John Leslie and Gilbert Spain, sponsored by Searious Adventures

The boys from Galen University turn into the finish line at Central Park

The Lazy Lizzards

A very large crowd gathered at Central Park to witness the finals of the race
Parasailer takes bird's eye view pictures of Central Park

Team We Nuh E-Z takes Third Place

Searious Dilligaf comes in Fifth Place

Children enjoy blowing bubbles at Central Park

Poster competition and reef displays were held during the Reef Festival

A San Castle Building competition also took place

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