Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Silva Sets New Dive World Record!

He Did It! Robert Silva was able to meet his goal of scuba diving for 48 hours straight, beating the world record of 36.5 hours and setting a new Guinness World Record of the longest salt water dive. Silva emerged from the waters of Hol Chan Marine Reserve at 10:35a.m. very happy with his accomplishment. Feeble and exhausted, Silva was not able to give any interviews to the media who awaited his surfacing. He was given oxygen and taken back to Ramon's Village to recover. Read more on Ambergris Today Online.

Palma being the funny guy

This is how Robert slept while under water

Going through things with the staff of Ramon's Village Dive Shop
Gil Nuñez of Ramon's Village Dive Shop. The guys were essential to the success of Mr. Silva's world record attempt

Palma helping Robert before he got into the water

Ready to follow Robert

Adolfo Ayuso keeps the time

Keeping busy underwater so as not to get bored and tired

Underwater pictures and video provided by
Tricia Brewer and Mike Shaw

Official time as Robert surfaced

A crowd appeared at Ramon's Village dock to welcome and cheer Mr. Silva

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