Friday, September 18, 2009

Rolando Albeño, Karaoke King 2009

Photo by Jose Luis Zapata Photography
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Rolando Albeño sings his heart out at last night's karaoke competition and came out the winner of Reef Radio's Tele-Radio Karaoke Competition. It was a packed house at Jaguar's Temple Night Club where the new Karaoke king was selected. Coming in second was Mavis Usher and there was a tie for third place with Velma Melendez and Joel Albino as neither the judges or the audience could give the third place prize to just one of them.

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singtothe said...

i didn't know you could make any money from karaoke!I have just bought a new karaoke player and am just setting it up for my MRS, maybe she can try out for reef next year!