Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dorian's Angels, Behind the Scenes at Elvi's

The Angels only went to sample the new Basil Ice Cream that is exclusive to Elvi's Kitchen but got a surprise from Chef Jenny who treated them with the now very popular Oscar's Cheese Steak Sandwich. The Angels had to work for their lunch this time around as they went into the kitchen where Chef Jenny showed them how to prepare the delicious sandwich. Oh, and you have to try the Basil Ice Cream, very delicious and only available at Elvi's Kitchen. Click HERE for more!

All gone! Will definitely be back for more

Ms. Elvi's Homemade Pepper Sauce

WOW, what a cheese steak

Pearl makes sure the taste is just right

Into the oven goes the steak and cheese

Chef Jenny supervises

Don't burn your fingers Sofie!

Spicying up the fries

Order Up!


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