Monday, September 14, 2009

Main Break cause Water Outage this morning

A break in a main water pipe on Pescador Drive has caused temporary outage to three areas in town this morning. Workers of Belize Water Services Ltd. have blocked the section of Pescador Drive from Rapidito Loans to the Fire Station in order to fix a broken pipe in front of Harmouch Center. The water outage is expected to only last about an hour and affect only the Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedrito Area and sections of Barrier Reef Drive.


Anonymous said...

Belize Water Services Ltd. have fixed their water problems but they didn't fix the cobble stone back as it was before. They left big holes on the streets. I hope the Town Council forces them to fix the streets. And if they don't fix it then send them a bill.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. Belize Water Services Ltd break down the streets to fix their problems but don't fix up the streets when they are done.