Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Robert Silva Passes the 24hr Mark!

Pictures from yesterday, Sept. 14, as Silva prepared to submerge

If you were wondering how Mr. Silva is doing, at 10:30 this morning he passed the 24 hour mark of being underwater at Hol Chan Marine Reserve in his quest to break the world record for the longest salt water dive. Ambergris Today contacted the team out at Hol Chan and we were told that Silva is doing great in sound mind and conscious. He has used ten tanks of air supply since he started and got to sleep at around 4a.m. His team of divers were observing him during his sleep to make sure everything was 'A-Okay". More updates to follow; keep tuned to the Ambergris Today Daily Blog.


admin said...

Dorian, how will anybody know if that dude is sleeping or unconscious from an overdose of nitrogen?

Ambergris Today said...

That is a good question, but one I don't know the answer to. He has a good team of divers looking out for him and I assume they have addressed that question. He is being monitored very closely.

Peggy said...

Everyone back at home is so excited and proud of Robert's accomplishment. The whole 48 hrs WOW! Great job!!!